Cheese Greater

Useful and practical grater essential for home. You will save time, money and inconveniences. Furthermore, NIXTAMATIC Cheese Grater insures the level of quality and hygiene required, allowing to use your special ingredients.

Rallador de Queso
Using the Nixtamatic Cheese Grater

Plug your grinder to a127VCA contact, switch on the bottom (OFF-ON). Lift the pushing lid and put the stuff into the trap tube. If necessary, press gently the pushing bar.
Assemble Instructions

Place the trap tube sitting on the lid, tight up the security handle coordinated on the groove motor lid and then tight up the subjection handle even the tube remains fasten on the lid. Tight up the big handle to fix the tube trap over the lid. Place the grater cone into the tube trap, turn it to the right side inserting the cone on the spire tooth.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When the job is done, disarm the grinder, wash the parts carefully and dry it up before you put it away. Use only a humid rag to clean the engine.
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